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The Best Ceramic Painting for Everyone

Welcome to NZ Tiny Pottery ceramic Studio


Ceramic Painting

If you are ready to be creative and artistic, the ceramic painting will be one way to go! Ceramic painting is suitable for all ages who wants to have a go at painting a piece of tableware with your unique design on it. This is a one-day class, for 7 people max. per class.

Our ceramic tableware painting starts from $10 per piece.

The price includes a piece of ready-to-paint tableware of your choice (plate, cup/mug, and bowl), paint, glazing, and firing.

Please inquire about the price as it varies depending on tableware.


Suitable for ages 6+, especially for young children for small groups of children. Hand-building allows you to sculpt with clay of your own creation. This can help you develop imaginations into make-believe sculptures and/or tableware of your own creation. ​

The price start at $65 per person includes of clay, paint, glazing, and firing.



While pottery wheel-throwing, you can easily shape the clay into any forms you desire to make with just a few simple movements of your hands and fingers. It not only relieves stress, but you will have so much fun having a go at creating a masterpiece of your own pottery.

This is a one-day class, and it includes the use of a wheel, glazing, and firing. 


Other Services

Kiln Firing Services

For all greenware potteries/sculptures (unfired clay), we offer a kiln firing service.

If you have any pottery at home that needs firing, the service is available at your request.


we offer a range of single and multi-day workshops​.

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